Young Jeezy Pays It Forward & Donates $1 Million For Scholarship

young-jeezy1 It's always good to have success and give back. We always hear the bad stuff that people may do but when they do something great it sometimes gets pushed to the back burner. Young Jeezy and Jay Morrison aka JayMrRealEstate held a press conference yesterday at the W Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia announcing Young Jeezy’s $1 million donation to The Jay Morrison Academy’s “Another Way Out” scholarship program
The donation, given through Jeezy’s Street Dreamz Foundation will open up the doors to the academy to anyone, from all walks of life. The donation will provide the first month of tuition for free, which consists of four real estate investor lessons, a textbook and live mentorship calls.  It will also supply up to 1,000 full year scholarships for underserved and at risk youth, felons and single moms. Lastly, Jeezy’s contributions will fund a prison program “Inmate to Real Estate” that will allow JayMrRealEstate to educate inmates on real estate investing while still in jail.
Jeezy who recently released his fifth studio album, “Seen It All: The Autobiography”, expressed his excitement at the press conference stating, “A wise man told me one time if you want to help your community give them something else to sell besides drugs, give them something else to sell. I think this is a great opportunity, for the young entrepreneurs, for the young real estate guys who want to get into something else, even for the community overall.  I am just proud for the Street Dreamz Foundation to team up with ‘Another Way Out.’ I think this is great for the community and I hope this money goes a long way.”
Morrison, whose own life is a quintessential example of how real estate investing can transform your life, expressed why Jeezy was the perfect partner for the “Another Way Out” scholarship program, “I am so happy for Young Jeezy to be partnering with us and giving us this donation … I needed somebody to assist me in helping our community. When I got the call from Jeezy, he said ‘let me help you, help us… let me be your vehicle.’ I appreciate that so much because that really just speaks to his integrity, speaks to his passion on being a leader, and being a grown man, growing up. ”
After last week’s visit to lock-up, this is the second time he’s shelled out big bucks to help other people. As he explained to “The Breakfast Club,” he and a few of his staffers were arrested when authorities found an assault rifle on his tour bus following a deadly shooting at Wiz Khalifa‘s concert. Click to see >>>>Young Jeezy Arrested!! Assault Rifle Found During Wiz Khalifa Concert Shooting Investigation 0825-jay-jenkins-mugshot-young-jeezy-2 Jeezy was behind bars for a while and no one understood what took him so long to get himself out of custody. He revealed that he had his bail money ready to go the moment cops brought him in, but he stuck around in solidarity with his support team because he wasn’t going take off without them. “They detained two of my bus drivers, and one of them was a 50-something-year-old lady,” said Jeezy. “I just feel like I couldn’t leave them in there. When I stepped in the door, I had the bailsman right there to get me out.” He continued, “I just made it clear, ‘When I leave, we’re all leaving together.” Jeezy eventually put up the cash to get his people out of lockup, and he considers it a small price to pay. “It’s only money, but it was more so about the principle to me. I wasn’t leaving no man behind I don’t care how it went down. We could have sat in there however long,” he said. “When it’s all said and done, I’m confident that you will see that me, nor anyone that was a part of my crew had anything to do with anything,” He added. “When everything comes out and everything comes to the clear, I want to do this same interview so we can talk about how innocent I was.”  

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