WWE is officially taking over!

  WWE-Network-Logo-2         World Wrestling Entertainment has launched an ingenious new way to cement its control in Sports Entertainment. Monday of this week at 11pm after the Monday Night Raw episode, the WWE launched the WWE Network. for $9.99 a month WWE fans have access to all pay-per-views, an extensive library of past shows, as well as current shows including reality television. The steps that Chairman of the company Vince McMahon and his creative team have taken to advance the brand as well Sports Entertainment itself is amazing. After months of preparation and hype the fledgling network, which works pretty much under the same principal as Netflix and Hulu, is about to give their fans instant access to the numerous stars of the WWE and its affiliates. Not only can you access the WWE network through your laptop or tablet, you can download the app for your gaming systems as well as smartphones. Never before has a wrestling fan had this much access to new and old material. Speaking as a fan of wrestling since the age of 6, and yes I got my subscription already lol, I am truly excited for the future of Sports Entertainment. Whether you love it or hate it , you cannot deny the excitement of it. At times a spectacle, Sports Entertainment gets your mind off what ails you...if only for a few hours. So sit back and enjoy a wrestling match or two on whatever you have handy. I know I will. illwill #FollowTheBuzzards

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