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In a prime example of the high crime rate in Rio de Janeiro, a mugger attempted to snatch a woman’s gold necklace right off her neck as she was being interviewed by a local television station about the lack of police in the area.

The woman, who was not identified, was right in the middle of her interview with the young man calmly walked up to her, grabbed the necklace, and ran off. Luckily, he didn’t get away with the gold — the chain broke and he failed to grasp on before he raced away.

The RJTV reporter attempted to chase the thief down, but he dodged between cars and sped off before he was caught.

But snatching gold chains is just part of Brazil’s issue with robbery and assault.

In August alone last year there were 406 killings in the city and surrounding state, an increase of 40 per cent on the year before.

There were also 629 robberies on public transport just in August , while muggings soared by nearly 40 per cent as well.

That’s some sobering news. You can watch the insane video above

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  1. Shantelle walker

    Again. This is why mom said. GO straight there an straight back. DONT SPEAK 2 strangers

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