Why Can’t I Get Some Damn Chicken!!!

KFC Don't you hate it when you get a hunger pain deep down in your gut that let's you know that it's time for you to stop and eat?  Then you take your time to decide what exactly you want to eat that will hit the spot. For me it was KFC: images So I start checking around my house to check for some coupons and I see they got a family bucket special, so I was like yes hunni! party_meal_larg I get in my vehicle to go get my damn chicken and pull up to order and they informed me they don't have any chicken!!! Really!!?? How in the fuck a chicken place don't have chicken at 6:00 in the evening? After they informed me of that, they wanted to know if I wanted to order anything else......?????/ Really!!!??? What the fuck else can I order.....sides with no meat......bread with no meat...a drink with no meat......oh I know...you want me to order dessert and be happy I guess!!! What's sad is I've been there 3 other times in the last 2 months and was told the same thing! Maybe I'm confused, but if you don't have chicken why are you still open? P.S. KFC on the corner of Azalea and Chamberlayne needs to step there game up and make sure they order the proper amount of chicken because you can't have a chicken joint and not be serving chicken!!

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