Whoa, Canada’s Stanley Cup drought could turn 21 this year? Take off, eh!

The Montreal Canadiens should make a short-term spelling change in their nickname. For the rest of the NHL playoffs, they should be Canadians -- the rallying point for hockey's alleged and aggrieved birthplace (and home of the McKenzie Brothers, of course). While hockey outposts such as Tampa Bay, Carolina and Los Angeles have all sipped success in the past decade, no Canadian team has hoisted the Stanley Cup since Montreal in 1993. Rarely have the odds of ending that drought looked so grim. For the first time since 1973, only one Canadian team even made the playoffs.thMWTM5MOS Toronto collapsed late, losing eight straight and 12 of its final 14 games. Vancouver imploded like its combustible coach, John Tortorella. Ottawa and Edmonton underachieved. Winnipeg also overachieved, which isn't saying much, and Calgary is rebuilding. That leaves Montreal, the No. 3 seed from the Atlantic Division, to carry the nation's torch and shoulder its growing angst. via Whoa, Canada's Stanley Cup drought could turn 21 this year? Take off, eh! | FOX Sports on MSN.

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