Where Is He Now? “The Man With The Golden Voice” Ted Williams

 "The Man With The Golden Voice" Ted Williams 

Ted Williams went from a homeless man struggling with alcoholism on the streets of Columbus, Ohio to instant Internet fame when a video of him using his radio voice went viral. imagesCAXSL4B4 homeless-man-with-golden-voice-ted-williams-icedotcom7 The former radio personality and military veteran was placed in a rehab facility courtesy of Dr. Drew(pictured below). Williams left after 12 days. Dr_Drew_Pinsky Williams penned his biography, and was hired by Kraft Foods’ to voice its new TV campaign. Despite the pressures of his surge to fame, which at one point prompted a relapse, Williams remains steadily employed by Kraft, and tells FOX411 he's committed to his recovery. kraft_2012_logo_detail Williams is also on the lecture circuit, sharing his story and experience with different groups and organizations around the country, raising awareness about what it means to be homeless, and debunking some myths about the people sleeping under the bridges and in the parks.
“I’ve met some very, very influential people in my years of being homeless. Their backgrounds include some very prestigious positions. I’ve met bankers, and I met a pilot once. He was homeless because he lost his wife of 30 years and turned to the bottle,” Williams explained. “Homelessness can hit any area, any person at any time. With the housing market the way it is, I am sure there is a lot of people who are just one paycheck away from being homeless themselves.”
Williams is on a mission to eradicate homelessness in his hometown of Columbus through his not-for-profit organization “The Ted Williams Project.”
“I’m very much committed to giving back,” hesaid, adding that his current objective is supplying socks to those without a roof over their heads. “A lot of times homeless people don’t have enough socks to last them through any situation. Socks really help motivate someone to keep them moving out of that shelter as opposed to just moping about feeling sorry for themselves. So I’m taking socks to the street. God gave me this blessing and I’m going to pay it forward and give back… Even when I didn’t have anything, I still (tried) to give. Even if it was just a smile, like in that original video.”
Last year, the father of nine narrated the documentary “Houseless,” released by Moto Entertainment, a film production. 011111_williams Due to how viral this video went Williams was also reunited with his mother that he hadn't seen since the 80's Ted Williams On Wendy!!

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  1. Shantelle walker

    Im glad this man got off the street. An can openly admit that he has had a relapse. An is now committed 2 doing better. But mt 1 question is.4 how long will he be doing great. Til he get another bottle. An if he was gonna use any1 as an excuse. Why say that the banker an the pilot no matter they hardship. They n the same boat with the bottle like him. Umm i dont quite get the ppl of this world. IM JUST GONNA GO WITH THE FLO. Cause it seem 2 me that b4 long. We will all have crackheads an bottle poppers running w goverment

  2. i love this story! i was wondering what became of this man! thanks anyandeverythingblog.com. you guys always have the best info!

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