What turning 54 means to Me.

September 8th, 54 years ago. Yes 54 years ago... that's over a half century - WTF!  Tomorrow I will be 54. OMG! hbday2 Oh, I have regressed a bit. I am blessed, this is my mantra. I am alive and able to go where I want and do what I can. I have learned over my 50+ years that life can be great. I have learned that no ones opinion of me is important but my God's. I laugh a lot. I cry alone. I dance to my own music, as well as other's. I truly believe in karma and guiltily rejoice when I am present to witness it. hbday1 I am closer to God. I have a positive attitude about most things in life. I love my family and appreciate all they do for and with me. I question most things and have learned over the years I will not always accept, like or agree with most answers. I also learned it's okay to be wrong. I still don't like to admit it but I can accept it. I understand now that all things are not going to go my way, and sometimes enjoy going with the flow. Priorities have changed. My health has challenged me, so it is important now. I have lost people that I loved deeply, so relationships and family are very important.  I lost my job and suffered a severe financial set back, I am still climbing out of - but I am climbing out. Most important and what keeps me going is I have three god babies that I love very much.  RaJahne', Leah and Jayland sweetest kids on earth.  I also have two best friends that I consider family their parents' Robin and James - they got my back and I have theirs. I dance like no one is watching; I sing like no one is listening; I laugh even when there is no joke and I cry when no one is watching.  I worry then turn it over to God!  Turning 54 is great.  At 55 I will get a bonus - Senior Discounts everywhere. Happy Birthday to Me!  

About MimisThoughts

My close family call me Mimi, you will too. A 53 year old black female with many thoughts and opinions. I am vocal and passionate. I was raised old school and am proud to know most children that I had any influence over are carrying on the right way. 'Please, Thank You, Yes Ma'am, No Sir'. Divorced a couple times and no children of my own. I have lived a full and diverse life. Well educated and very liberal a Baptist raised in the church. I hope my posts, information, and opinions in my blog inspire you to open up a conversation. Pass along the usually hidden unheard of and unknown facts of how life is being lived today. Welcome to my thoughts....
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