Week 7 NFL Power Rankings:

Halfway through Football Season.  My team is not in the top ten so far, but we are creeping up the rankings. See where your team stands.
nfl4           1 Denver Broncos (5-1) - Peyton Manning has the record out of the way in a huge way, so they can just focus on rolling through their own wild West the rest of the way. 2 Dallas Cowboys (6-1) - Tony Romo has  been sitting on this kind of offensive balance and potential for a while, and it seems to keep improving every week. 3 Indianapolis Colts (5-2) - Trent Richardson isn’t a lost cause after all, as he’s teamed with Ahmad Bradshaw to get their ground game enough to take pressure off Andrew Luck. After an 0-2 start, they haven’t had much trouble since. 4 Philadelphia Eagles (5-1) - Chip Kelly had a bye week to tinker with what’s wrong and what’s right. The good news is, the running game found its groove before the break, and LeSean McCoy should be rested and revved up for a big second half. 5 Arizona Cardinals (5-1) - It’s nice they are protecting Carson Palmer, he’s protecting the ball and they’re getting the ball downfield.  But the key here to keeping their lead is to continue feeding Andre Ellington. 6 Green Bay Packers (5-2) - Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are making a strong case to be the named the new best wide receiver duo in the league. The Pack is back to being the NFC’s most daunting offense. 7 New England Patriots (5-2) - Shane Vereen solved their backfield concerns without Stevan Ridley. This offense still has some work to do to be really scary. 8 San Diego Chargers (5-2) -Philip Rivers and friends got cooled off enough against Kansas City to have a division stumble at home. 9 Baltimore Ravens (5-2)- Torrey Smith is getting more involved in their passing game, and he was the last guy they needed to get going, really. 10 Detroit Lions (5-2) - Matt Stafford hasn’t had his best stuff this season, and it’s gotten worse without Calvin Johnson in there. 11 San Francisco 49ers (4-3) - Patrick Willis was the latest tough injury loss and it showed in the bad loss at Denver. They have a week off to help everyone get healthier, and get closer to having their full linebacker corps with Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman, too. 12 Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) - Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown seem to be the only real consistent sources of offense, but most teams would love to say they have two players like that, let alone one. 13 Buffalo Bills (4-3) - Sammy Watkins has started to build his case for offensive rookie of the year. 14 Seattle Seahawks (3-3) - Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas have been talking about outside factors costing Seattle games, but the Seahawks’ top two defensive backs need to look to a lack of impact defense. Two interceptions won’t cut it for how much they get paid. 15 Cincinnati Bengals (3-2-1) - Andy Dalton couldn’t lead them on any scoring drives, and once again, despite the ability and talent to run the ball, they just didn’t do so, even with A.J. Green still not in there. 16 Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) - Cairo Santos sent a bolt of energy through them with that game-winning kick they very much needed in San Diego. They still have some issues to work out on both sides of the ball, but with Jamaal Charles, there’s always a chance. 17 Carolina Panthers (3-3-1) - Cam Newton, Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin are doing their best to deliver every week. The offense has been just fine for the most part, but it never thought it would be stuck needing to make up for a defense that can’t stop the run or cover well at the moment. 18 Chicago Bears (3-4) 19 Houston Texans (3-4) 20 Miami Dolphins (3-3) 21 New York Giants (3-4) 22 Cleveland Browns (3-3) 23 New Orleans Saints (2-4) 24 St. Louis Rams (2-4) 25 Minnesota Vikings (2-5) 26 Atlanta Falcons (2-5) 27 Washington Redskins (2-5) 28Tennessee Titans (2-5) 29New York Jets (1-6) 30 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-5) 32 Oakland Raiders (0-6)        

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