Walmart Blames Tracy Morgan For The Injuries He Got In His Crash!

tracyMorganUpdate Wow this is just…. wow! Have you ever heard of such foolishness!! Tracy Morgan got into a horrific crash back in June and the crash was the result of a Walmart driver hitting his limo van. Understandably, the comedian is suing Walmart. Well, the retail giant is hitting back and claiming that Tracy's injuries are ALL HIS FAULT. Yes you read right.....All His Fault. According to the legal docs, they're trying to blame his injuries on the fact that he didn't wear his seatbelt in the limo van he was riding in. However, they cannot comment on any 'responsibility' falling on their own driver because of the 'ongoing investigation.' Reportedly they wouldn't even confirm whether or not the driver Kevin Roper was indeed an employee. So, if they're blaming Tracy, does that mean they're also blaming Jimmy Mack for his own death? Since he was killed in the accident? It's horrible. Absolutely horrible. Walmart should be ashamed of it's self.  

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