VOTE: November 4, 2014

Friends - Strangers - Fellow Voters - EVERYONE! Vote Tuesday!  Vote Democrat!  

DEMO               Election Day is quickly approaching—it's Nov. 4 this year, and we face a pretty big choice between a Congress that continues to obstruct any national progress and has already signaled they want to shut the government down again and one that will actually try to help working people, create jobs and grow economic opportunity for all, not just the wealthy and corporations. Don't wait until the last minute to double check that your registration is up to date and know where your polling place is, or you may find out that your voice won't be heard. We elected President Obama, We re-elected President Obama! Let's all get out and vote for your Democratic Candidate and allow the President to show WHY we voted for him six years ago.  Congress has spent those same six years blocking, changing, holding up, and totally blocking any 'good' President Obama has tried to do.  Now is the time we can allow him to make the changes that will benefit us all. VOTE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH, 2014!  

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My close family call me Mimi, you will too. A 53 year old black female with many thoughts and opinions. I am vocal and passionate. I was raised old school and am proud to know most children that I had any influence over are carrying on the right way. 'Please, Thank You, Yes Ma'am, No Sir'. Divorced a couple times and no children of my own. I have lived a full and diverse life. Well educated and very liberal a Baptist raised in the church. I hope my posts, information, and opinions in my blog inspire you to open up a conversation. Pass along the usually hidden unheard of and unknown facts of how life is being lived today. Welcome to my thoughts....
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