Vitor Belfort says he’s ready to return. How about coming clean first?

According to Vitor Belfort, he's cleared to compete again. Also, he wants to immediately be put back into the UFC middleweight title challenger spot he either vacated or was forced out of, depending on who you believe. To him, his future is that simple.
Only one problem. "No, we haven't had any conversations with him," Nevada Athletic Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar told FOX Sports.francisco_aguilar_by_jon_estrada_HOMEPAGE-630x339 Well, that's interesting, since Nevada is where his problem originated and where it must ultimately be resolved. Belfort has seemingly had a problem with telling the truth lately. Or at least, telling the whole truth. He is not, as he suggested to in an interview last week, cleared to fight again. He is not even close. Yet he feels emboldened enough to make demands. via Vitor Belfort says he's ready to return. How about coming clean first? | FOX Sports on MSN.

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