Triple H’s Evolution Does Not Need Ric Flair to Succeed in WWE

Triple H recently reunited Evolution, the group that he originally founded back in 2003. Along with Batista and former WWE world champion Randy Orton, Triple H attacked The Shield on the April 14 edition of Monday Night Raw. Both sides have now been booked in a huge six-man tag team match set for Extreme Rules on May 4.ert And while the return of Evolution undoubtedly has many WWE fans feeling a bit nostalgic, the fact is that some may be missing the fourth man of the group, Ric Flair. But the truth is that Ric's presence is not needed for Evolution to succeed in WWE. It seems impossible to even consider that one of professional wrestling's greatest of all time would not be a necessary part of a legendary WWE stable. After all, Flair is the 16-time world heavyweight champion, the man that elevated Triple H's faction upon its inception. Flair acted as the teacher, the veteran that helped guide Orton and Batista as they each honed their craft. He was the legend whose swagger and cockiness clearly defined the group's attitude and personality.411cc02429d7a16476f60c87b3eb60d4_original Without Ric Flair in the mix, Evolution would not have been the same. The entire dynamic of the group would not have been clearly established from the beginning; Flair's role was that of the past, the foundation for Evolution. His past dominance in the industry as NWA world champion allowed The Four Horsemen to set the tone for all heel teams that followed. He was the measuring stick and the Horsemen were the standard bearers.1000w If not for Ric Flair and the work he did with The Four Horsemen, there would have never been an Evolution. His presence was absolutely vital for that group to succeed and they would not have been successful without him. But the same could perhaps not be said now. The reason for that lies in the fact that even after all these years, Flair is still as popular, still as entertaining as he ever has been. And that is not exactly what the reunited Evolution needs right now. via Triple H's Evolution Does Not Need Ric Flair to Succeed in WWE | Bleacher Report.

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