Toddler tragically dies after being put in oven by older siblings

19-month-old J'Zyra Thompson
19-month-old J'Zyra Thompson
This should bring a tear to anyone who knows and loves children. Not only do the parent's need to be put in prison for ruining the lives of all these children. The baby is gone, bless her little soul. But lets think of the children who are left. They killed the baby girl. What would be in the minds of 3 year olds - to put the baby in the oven. I will have to watch this story to see if anything else comes out; maybe the parents did something to her and are blaming the kids. Whatever happened 'God Bless this family.'    A child in Houston, Texas is dead after authorities say the 19-month-old girl was placed in the oven by the baby's older siblings while being left home alone by the mother. 19-month old, J'zyra Thompson 'was put in the oven by one of her siblings and the other turned it on' Local authorities believe the incident occurred when mother Raquel Thompson left her four children home alone on Monday night, Nov. 16. The mother told officers that she and her boyfriend left the children at home while they picked up pizza and a prescription the night of the horrifying incident. All four children were under the age of four. Two of the children, both only three-years-old, told investigators that one of them put 19-month-old J'Zyra Thompson in the oven while the other one turned it on to "hot". According to court records, the children told Child Protective Services workers that the baby was kicking the oven door while inside. Documents obtained allude to a number of issues that concerned CPS about Thompson and her boyfriend. The mother told officials she frequently left her children alone to drop her boyfriend off. Case workers also said that the couple often left the children alone without telling anyone, including the grandmother who lived in the same apartment complex as the family. ​ CPS concluded that the three surviving children have no suitable relatives who can care for them. They are currently being housed in foster care. The mother, who is currently pregnant with her boyfriend's child, also has another child who lives with his father. Although no criminal charges have been filed against Thompson or her boyfriend, CPS workers say charges are expected in the near future.

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