To Sag or Not to Sag…That is the question/South Carolina Men Arrested For Sagging Pants At Waffle House

To Sag or Not to Sag...That is the question

According to Greg Mathis, sagging was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are sometimes prohibited to prevent prisoners from using them as weapons or committing suicide by hanging themselves. The style was later popularized by hip-hop artists in the 1990s. It later became a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness among some youths or a symbol of their rejection of the values of mainstream society. Sagging is a manner of wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top is significantly below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the underwear. Sagging is predominantly a male fashion. Women's wearing of low-rise jeans to reveal their G-string underwear (the "whale tail") is not generally described as sagging. Forget-CES-Sagging-Pants-Invention-Will-Revolutionize-Universe

South Carolina Men Arrested For Sagging Pants At Waffle House

boys1 Police arrested Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson, both 22, after both men became belligerent and refused to pull up their sagging pants. According to the Smoking Gun: Both men began cursing after the security guard asked the men to leave and they refused. Police were called and according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report viewed by the Smoking Gun, the two men continued to act out even as the police tried to arrange rides for the young men. “Mr. Johnson and Mr. Gehring both advised that they were out to have fun and implied they were Wofford students graduating this date and it wasn’t their concern that proper decorum was needed in the public domain,” according to the report, the Smoking Gun notes. 4148901 Let’s hope these young men have nothing on their record and can be released soon. Do you think the duo should’ve been arrested or just given a warning? via South Carolina Men Arrested For Sagging Pants At Waffle House | Black America

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