Thou shalt not use church funds to build your $2m mansion! Atlanta Bishop apologizes for building himself lavish home

bishop_wilton_gregory_mansionAtlanta, GA — Wilton Gregory, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta, has apologized for building a $2.2 million mansion for himself. He insists that he did not use the church’s money, but his decision to build such a big house has still been criticized by Catholics local and worldwide. He has received thousands of letters, emails, and voicemail messages. Atlanta Mansion Gregory, who recently moved into a 6,400-square-foot residence, says that construction was made possible by a large donation from the estate of Joseph Mitchell, the nephew of author Margaret Mitchell (author of “Gone With the Wind”). He says that when Mitchell died in 2011, he left an estate worth more than $15 million to him on the condition that it be used for “general religious and charitable purposes.” article--755_ Gregory released a statement saying, “I am disappointed that, while my advisors and I were able to justify this project fiscally, logistically and practically, I personally failed to project the cost in terms of my own integrity and pastoral credibility with the people of God of north and central Georgia.” He added, “I failed to consider the impact on the families throughout the Archdiocese who, thoug via Atlanta Bishop Apologizes For Building Himself a $2.2 Million Dollar Mansion |

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