Things You Will Find at Black Family Thanksgivings!

THANKSGIVING-TABLE-TURKEY Thanksgiving is here people! Food is in the air! Family is coming in from out of town! Its about to go down! In the spirit of giving thanks, we give you:

Things you can expect at Black Peoples Thanksgivings:

No one can touch a drop of food until the food has been blessed and they dare you to try an disobey you might catch a smack on the hand or wack on your head!Family-prayer
You better not grab a plate until every child has been feed!
Child making Salad
Its always that one cousin that gets sent to the store for ice and it takes him 4 hours to get back!
You got that group of cousins that always leave to go to the "Store" but always come back with red eyes, be hungry as hell again and smell funny!
A cooler is always available with Kool-Aid or some kid friendly drink because kids better not touch those sodas. Even if they are allowed to get sodas its going to be off brands like a Shasta!
Guaranteed to have that uncle and or aunt that turn up when the music comes on and usually they dancing faster than the beat!
There is always a good card game going on and believe me a lot of shit talking!
If you open the trunk to most peoples vehicles you will find several plates that have been tucked away before the food ran out!
There will always be a pack of guys somewhere having a heated debate about football!

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