In The Kitchen with Chef Nadal

We would like to welcome Chef Nadal to Any and Everything Blog.

chefnadal He will be bringing us food with soul while he walks us step by step through every process even down to the final bite. He will make it look effortless. He will be bringing us food recipes that stream from everyday life to things like man cave themes. Chef Nadal

Welcome Chef Nadal!!!

Chef Nadal has been cooking since he was 17 years old. He grew up watching his mom, dad and grandma cook a variety of foods like Italian, Latino and soul food so he isn’t a stranger to different types of food. When asked what’s his favorite food to eat he will let you know “Any Kind Of Taco” and “Anything with bacon”, he is a true bacon fanatic. There are no limits to the foods that he cooks. Chef Nidal is known for his pulled barbeque with bourbon barbeque sauce, homemade Cole slaw and baked beans. He enjoys turning on some salsa or reggae ton music while he is cooking. He enjoys grilling but more than anything he loves to create “Food Porn” which is mouth watering, sexy, tasty food. In the next ten years he wants to have a fine dining food truck as well as be a house hold name.

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  1. Hoping all your dreams come true

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