The 10 Most Dangerous Places In Virginia To Live

Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In Virginia To Live


 Now I know this is going to start a fight. So before it begins, let me just say that we used two reports and compared them. One list, Movoto, used towns and cities with a population over 10,000. The next list, RoadSnacks (.net), used data from towns and cities with 1,000 or more residents. Both looked at the rate of violent crimes vs. property crimes to make their numbers work. We cross examined the numbers and ranked according to the places that appeared on both lists, where they appeared on those lists, and added in high-ranking towns/cities that appeared on only one list based on the strength of their ranking.

 What we found…wait for it…is that crime does happen in Virginia. But we also found that even the “most dangerous” places are still pretty cool places to be. Like any city in the world, being cautious and aware is the key to safety. So don’t be discouraged if your town or city made this list.

 None of the data is a reflection on the efforts or effectiveness of the fine men and women of the local police and sheriff departments – this simply show the number of times crime occurs.

 So here it goes….

Again, keep in mind that the FBI runs their numbers based on reported crimes. So really, we have to praise these police departments for their consistent reporting efforts. Now tell us what you think. Do you live in one of these places or have you lived in one of them in the past? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below! Source: Onlyinyourstate.

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