Texas Teenager, Kevin Davis, Commits Horrific Crime Against Mother

davis Kevin Davis, an 18-year old Texas teenager has committed one of the most horrific crimes we’ve ever heard of, and the crime itself may not be the worst part of the story. It’s who he committed the crime against. According to Action 10 News, a division of CBS, Davis admitted to authorities that he attempted to kill his mother by strangling her with a video game cord, but was unsuccessful, which is when he used a hammer to deliver several fatal blows to the back of her head.
How does anyone kill there mother?
There's more: Davis proceeded to feel inside his mother’s brain via the wound he created to make sure she was dead, and he engaged in sexual intercourse with his dead mother’s body, a fact he revealed to authorities in “calm detail” during their investigation. Officers soon learned that it was Davis’ first time engaging in sexual intercourse, adding to the pure bizarre nature of the story. Not surprisingly, in less than an hour, the jury handed down a life sentence to the sick and depraved kid davis-mom

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