Texas Girl, 12, Severely Injured by Rope Around Neck on School Trip

     The mother of the unidentified girl, one of the few black students at the predominantly white Live Oak Classical School in Waco, Texas, reportedly believes that the gruesome injury was no accident.
An unidentified 12-year-old girl suffered a severe neck injury while on an overnight school trip in Texas in April 2016.
An unidentified 12-year-old girl suffered a severe neck injury while on an overnight school trip in Texas in April 2016.

      The rope burn a 12-year-old black Texas girl received around her neck during an overnight school campout has left the girl's mother asking if her daughter was victimized by racially motivated bullying by sixth-grade classmates.  
     Bibles joined more than 100 demonstrators who staged a civil protest outside Live Oak in downtown Waco, chanted for racial equality and stood in solidarity with the local girl.

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          The outcry came after about 25 students went on an overnight field trip to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in late April, the family’s attorney, Levi McCathern said. Students left the park and went to a nearby ranch in Blanco County to stay the night, which was where the injury happened. The girl, who has been bullied by students in the past, was helping pull on a rope swing while other students rode the swing, then stopped to watch. Standing near the swing, she felt the rope come around her neck, causing her to fall to the ground as three boys, who are white, pulled the rope.

    “I guess what I am most upset about is about the school’s response to what happened, because I felt like the school was on notice about this student being bullied by kids who were also on this trip,” “The parent had asked to be a chaperone, but the school didn’t honor that request. . . . McCathern said. The physical evidence that I have seen determines that this was an intentional act.” School officials determined the incident was an accident, and a chaperone, who is also a physician, administered first aid immediately, said David Deaconson, a Waco attorney representing Live Oak. Deaconson said the girl returned to the other students and participated in the rest of the trip.

     He said the girl’s mother was not notified of the incident immediately. “They (the school) followed protocol that they had at the time. The school regrets that the mother wasn’t called, but that gave them the opportunity to review and change their protocols to ensure that parents are called regularly regarding any injuries from here on out” Deaconson said. “The school is sad that any student would get hurt on a field trip. They care about the safety of all their students and that is what theyput into place first.” He said the school does not think the incident was racially motivated.

What do you say? Accident or not?

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