T. D. Jakes Claps Back At Instagram Follower

TD-Jakes-preaching Bishop T.D. Jakes doesn't take kindly to the intolerant — especially when it comes to his fashion choices. A few days ago the popular pastor clapped back in the classiest way to an Instagram follower who had issues with his church attire.

Come for the Bishop's fashion choices and you might get burned.

It all started when Jakes posted a picture of himself leaving Sunday service in a sport coat and a hip pair of ripped jeans. "I want to thank One Church for a great service! Loved the atmosphere there. The presence of the Lord and the kindness of the people explain why Hollywood is buzzing about this young church and its rapid growth!" he captioned the picture.

Well, one of his fans wasn't exactly feeling the spirit.

[su_quote cite="Dressed_2_iimpress"]"Too Old for jeans w/ Rips and Tears! Aren't you supposed to be setting an example for your flock? No better way to show them huh..."[/su_quote]  Jakes wasted no time putting the amateur fashion critic in his or her place:

[su_quote cite="T. D. Jakes"]"Scripture please? I certainly want to comply with the word. I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit..."[/su_quote] Nine times out of ten, his wife probably buys his clothes for him.

You don't come for the Bishop unless you got your facts together.  That should teach 'em.

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