Stupidest trends out right now/Fire challenge

thumb-dumbass Fire Challenge The fire challenge is when u choose an area of the body and apply items like alcohol, acetone or nail polish remover etc. You then light that area on fire. Then crazy thing about this is you can really get burned and for the life of me, I can't understand why these people don't care enough about themselves to think twice about stupid shit like this. People don't realize how many people actually got seriously burned just trying to complete this challenge. Condom Challenge The condom challenge is when you stick the tip of a condom in a nasal passage and suck it threw your nose and pull it out through your mouth. It might not sound dangerous but you could choke if a coughing fit unsued as well as irritate the nose lining. You could also vomit or some other unforeseen thing. Cinnamon Challenge The cinnamon challenge is when you try to swallow a heaping spoon of cinnamon without water for 60 seconds. On top of spitting, vomiting and gagging by inhaling the cinnamon dust teens run the risk of inflaming or scarring their lungs. Pass Out Challenge The pass out game can be done in several way but now a days people begin a few seconds of panting and then stand against a flat surface and someone presses on their chest until they pass out. Not only is this stupid but you could DIE and that all that matters.

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