WTF!! Sandra Bullock & Stalker Came Face-to-Face at Bedroom Door

sandra-bullock-stalker-tmz-7news-3 Can you imagine being at home with your child, trying to have some down time from the events of the day.  You unwind with a hot shower and then off to bed. Then you here a loud noise coming from inside your house. Well that's what Sandra Bullock went thru. The intruder arrested inside Sandra Bullock's home came face-to-face with her right outside her bedroom. TMZ obtained the search warrant allowing cops to search for an arsenal of weapons owned by Joshua Corbett.  Cops found 7 guns at Corbett's home  including assault rifles, but they believe more are out there. The search warrant outlines a chilling confrontation between Bullock and Corbett. At 1 AM she hears a loud banging inside the house. Bullock goes to her bedroom door to close and lock it and she sees Corbett right there in the hallway wearing dark clothing. Bullock slams the door shut, locks it and calls 911. She told cops she had showered before going to bed, so he may have been there the whole time. When the cops arrived, Corbett began screaming,
"Sandy, I'm sorry. Please don't press charges." Corbett was carrying a notebook with cut-out magazine pics of Bullock and multiple, handwritten notes. One of the notes said, "I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you." Corbett also forgives Bullock for "anything you may have done" and then tries to compliment her, writing Bullock is "hot and intelligent, lissome and taught [sic]."
My suggestions is for Sandra to get a top of the line security system including video and hire  personal  security or move.

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