Claiming to be Her Husband/Sanaa Lathan Finds A Stalker Sleeping In Her Home

Imagine coming home to a strange man sleeping in your house and for some reason, he believes he’s your husband?

That sounds like the gist of what happened to Sanaa Lathan last week. lathan1 The actress, who starred in the horror flick “Repentance” this year, got the surprise of her life when a 28-year-old man named Shawn Caples was found by contractors sleeping in her laundry room, and when he woke up he tried to convince the workers that he was Sanaa’s husband. Apparently they tried to get rid of him but he wouldn’t leave, and eventually Sanaa yelled at him to “get the f–k out” before calling the cops. Not only did Shawn come back later on in the day, he also reappeared on her doorstep on Monday as she hid inside her house terrified. Shawn was arrested and a judge has ordered him to stay at least 100 yards away from Sanaa once he’s back on the streets. Sanaa’s not the only one fighting off the crazies either… Back in 2010, Ashanti’s stalker Devar Hurd was sentenced to two years in jail after he stalked her on Twitter and sent her and her sister a number of explicit photos. He also approached her sister at a party after he was released from jail and now he’s looking at even more jail time. It doesn’t stop there. Back in 2012 Halle Berry’s stalker Richard Franco was sentenced to a little over 386 days in jail after he made a deal with prosecutors, pleading no contest to felony stalking. The year before, cops grabbed Richard as he was climbing a wall surrounding Halle’s house, the third time he was caught there in just days. A judge issued a 10-year restraining order on him, saying that Richard has to be at least 200 yards away from Halle, in addition to his five years of probation and year of counseling. These stalkers are dedicated. Sheesh! via Necole

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