Ronda Rousey feels like she ‘could beat anyone in history’

usp-mma_-ufc-170-rousey-vs-mcmann-e1404662475958 Ok Guys, let me just tell you that I love UFC fighting whether its male or female. I'm super hype about Ronda Rousey who is at the top of her game right now with her acting and UFC. One thing Ronda Rousey knows she needs to succeed as a UFC fighter and actress, is ability to find balance. Rousey, who spoke after a screening of her new movie, Expendables 3, plays Luna, one of the young, new recruits to the Expendables team who specializes in close quarters combat. If you've seen Expendables 1 and 2 you already know it's packed with action and celebrity faces. She had to balance filming the movie with training for her bantamweight title defense at UFC 175 against Alexis Davis, but managed to defeat Davis in just 16 seconds. Yes I said it 16 seconds!! She gave it to her before she could really blink her eye. “I cracked my beer open and the fight was already over,” said Rousey’s co-star Kellan Lutz, who was also a member of the young Expendables recruits in the film. For anyone else, it might seem like in order to do two jobs, the quality of work in one or the other has to suffer. This wasn’t so for Rousey. Every second that she wasn’t on set, she spent training for UFC 175. “I felt like I could do both to the best of my abilities, and yeah [the filming] cut into my training, but I did both and excelled at both,” said Rousey. When asked if she thought she could take another one of her co-stars, Randy Couture, in a fight, one-on-one, Rousey replied flatly.
“I feel like I could beat anyone in history. Like, since the beginning of time,” Rousey said.
For reference, Couture has been around since the UFC fights were in the teens and you have to count his titles with both hands. He’s also in the UFC Hall of Fame. That doesn’t faze Rousey at all.  

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