For “Well Behaved Kids” Restaurant Knocks $5 Off Brunch Bill

wellbehavedkidsWhile parents who let their kids run wild in public are often the object of (much-deserved) scorn and derision, moms and dads whose youngsters behave themselves rarely get the high-five they deserve for reducing the world’s general level of brattiness. But yesterday, a restaurant in Canada decided that a family with a non-rowdy kid deserved a break on their bill. A few nights ago, a parent in Calgary posted the above receipt from an area Japanese restaurant to Reddit. The family had celebrated Mother’s Day with some brunch, and their one-year-old daughter apparently was so non-fussy that the eatery took five dollars off the $54 CAD ($49.63 USD) bill. This is a huge improvement over a 2013 Father’s Day incident in which a waitress in Missouri included “F**king Needy Kid” as a line item on a customer’s bill. Courtesy  – Consumerist.

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