Report: Jackson tells ‘Melo that Kerr will be Knicks’ next coach

Phil Jackson seems to be dead set on hiring Steve Kerr as the Knicks' next head coach.061510-NBA-Steve-Kerr-JW_20100615173218_660_320
Jackson sat down with free-agent-to-be Carmelo Anthony last week and discussed a wide-range of topics, including his plans to hire Kerr as New York'€™s head coach, The Wall Street Journal reports. Anthony reportedly expressed his concern to Jackson about Kerr'€™s lack of coaching experience. Jackson told Anthony that he would be visible during the training camp and available on the sidelines, according to the report.carmelo-anthony "Phil wanted [Anthony] to know that Kerr and his thinking will simply be an extension of himself," one of the sources told The Journal. "He wanted Carmelo to know he'll still be able to coach him by extension."Phil-Jackson Previous reports indicated that Jackson wants to hire Kerr once the first round of the postseason ends. via Report: Jackson tells 'Melo that Kerr will be Knicks' next coach | FOX Sports on MSN.

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