Raptors GM apologizes for dropping f-bomb on Brooklyn

The Toronto Raptors are taking their playoff games against the Brooklyn Nets very seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. Raptors GM Masai Ujiri appeared at a pep rally right before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference playoffs on Saturday. In an effort to rile up the Air Canada Centre crowd, Ujiri yelled "[expletive] Brooklyn" to the hoots and hollers of the audience present, and all but dropped the mic on his way off stage. Thanks to the power of social media, an Instagram video captured Ujiri's colorful language (you can hear the whole thing in its glory here, thanks to @steve_class1c). Here's ESPN's clip of the event: The damages from the F-bomb blast went far and wide, prompting the Raptors GM to contritely address the media at halftime: "I apologize. I used wrong choice of words out there. This thing is really not about me. It's about the players and the playoffs. So, just trying to get the crowd out there rattled. Wrong choice of words. I apologize to kids out there and to the Brooklyn guys. Nothing against them. Trying to get our fans going, that's it." Clearly, Toronto is exceedingly excited to go into this postseason — the Raptors haven't won a playoff series since 2008. via Raptors GM apologizes for dropping f-bomb on Brooklyn | FOX Sports on MSN.

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