Pranking It Forward!! A Must See!!

Sometimes it nice to be recognized and showed appreciation especially when you don't expect it. The waitress is Chelsea Roff, who works at Spring St. Smoke House in L.A. Chelsea raised her little sister fromthe time they were young and overcame a severe eating order to start a non-profit, "Eat, Breathe, Thrive," to help others recover from eating disorders with the help of yoga. On this particular shift, her tips started big and only get bigger... Tip #1: $1,000 Her boss tells her to pocket it and she refuses! "It's in her nature just to split it up with everybody," one of her fellow waitresses explains. Tip #2: A Trip to Hawaii! prank-waitress_ Tip #3: Her Dream Job! Dr. Susan Krevoy, a clinical psychologist, "randomly" sparks up a conversation with Chelsea about yoga, only to reveal that she's opening an eating disorder program and needs a yoga teacher. "I did my own research on her and I was just so taken with her story and how hard she worked to go from the bottom of the pit to the top," Dr. Krevoy says. "I was just so thrilled to be a part of it." Tip #4: A New Car! And if you really want to get a sense of what kind of person Chelsea is, it's not her reaction to the car or the vacation or even the job, but her reaction when she sees her fifth and final tip... Tip #5: A Visit From a Friend. Chelsea is most excited to see her friend and first yoga teacher, Diana Roehl. "She deserves every bit of it," Diana gushes.

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