Powerball winner spends more than $20 million bailing out boyfriend

Marie Holmes, at the microphone, receives her Powerball check.
Marie Holmes, at the microphone, receives her Powerball check.
Where do I begin.  Okay the current Powerball Jackpot is over $700K.  All of us poor and downtrodden working (or not) praying we could win a portion of that.  And here we have a young woman, a young mother of 4 who has reportedly spent over $20 million bailing her boyfriend (not husband) out of jail. Is that even possible to spend that much in bail, legal fees, attorneys and possible restitution.
Why is it that people who don't know what to do with money get it and the people who have ideas, hopes and dreams cant get a break?
The mother of four won $188 million Powerball prize last year. She started off by spending a good chunk of the money on church donations and her children's education -- or so she said.   We also know she spent at least $21 million of her winnings -- so far -- bailing out her boyfriend, Lamarr "Hot Sauce" McDow.   She's dipped into her winnings to help her boyfriend three different times.  Holmes, 27, hit the jackpot in February and, since then, has bailed McDow, 31, out of jail three times. McDow was already in jail on heroin and weapons charges when Holmes won the lottery, and shortly after the money came through, she posted his $3 million bail. In July, it was a $6 million bail for a weapons charge. That amount skyrocketed to $12 million for the alleged street racing infraction this month. McDow was bailed out for that charge on Friday. Bail is doubled each time a defendant violates his conditions.   Nearly a year after she won the lottery, most of Holmes’ traveling has been to the bail bondsman’s office.   The total figure at risk for Holmes is $21 million, but she’s already lost a significant amount of money. Bail bondsmen in the Brunswick County states the going non-refundable rate is anywhere from 7 percent to 10 percent. Given that figure, Holmes has already spent anywhere from $1.47 million to $2.1 million.   Really?
Lamarr "Hot Sauce" McDow

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