Pennsylvania Law That Prohibits Touching A Pregnant Belly!

belly- Hey did you now Pennsylvania passed a law making it illegal for people to touch a pregnant woman’s belly without her permission. The law has been passed back in 2013 in the aftermath of a harassment charge an expectant mother filed against a man who repeatedly touched her pregnant belly after she had told him she didn’t want him to.
[su_quote cite="Pennsylvania attorney Phil DiLucente "]“Essentially, someone had touched a pregnant woman’s belly. That’s very common that pregnant women have to go through that. The only problem is when you harass, annoy, alarm in the act of touching, then it’s a violation, a harassment charge,” [/su_quote] This law makes it so people need to have the pregnant woman’s permission in order to touch her belly or it is considered harassment. News of this law is something that many mothers seem to be on board with because they understand just how much other people (including complete strangers) wanted to rub their stomachs when they were pregnant. Other mothers, however, find the law excessive and didn’t mind when people rubbed their baby bumps.

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