Park View High School/Family is Mourning The Lose of A Football Player Who Dies After Hit

A Mecklenburg high school student died after he was injured in a football game Friday night. 10624566_721316427956972_8755266262639056269_n
When I heard about this story, it really broke me down.  I went to high school with a lot of the parents whose kids play for this school. I watch there news feeds as they come up on Facebook. Proud parents cheering for there kids, never missing a game. Posting numerous video clips, making t-shirts and sharing tons of pictures showing support.
1454856_794730730570079_2974013099357743914_n Park View High School junior Jamond Salley was hit and injured just before halftime during a game against Brunswick High School in Brunswick County. As he received medical attention on the sideline, he became unconscious and had seizures. An exact cause of death has not yet been determined. Salley was given CPR and was transported to Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill where he was pronounced dead.
“Jamond was a strong student in both academics and as an athlete,” Mecklenburg County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. James Thornton said in a statement. “Members of his family, friends, and teachers have all shared one common trait of Jamond, he was very respectful. He was a student with a big heart and a smile that would instantly capture your attention.”
Grief counselors will be made available to students at Park View High School next week. Let's keep this family in our prayers, as they mourn the lost of this great young man!!  

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