Orlando Brown 911 Call/Disney Star Investigated for Criminal Threats Audio

0724-orlando-brown-photos-footer-3Disney star Orlando Brown is in the crosshairs of prosecutors after an audiotape surfaced in which he allegedly threatens to kill a woman, her daughter and her mom. Police were called to the womans North Hollywood apartment Monday just after midnight. The woman claimed the "Thats so Raven" star was going nuts outside. Neighbors also called 911, one of whom claimed Brown had a weapon. TMZ  obtained a copy of the audio which police have forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney  in which a man threatens, "Ill kill you, your mama, your daughter, everybody." Browns rep tells TMZ the actor insists he's not the one on the audio, but cops disagree. Our police sources say they believe it is indeed Brown and they've forwarded the case to the City Attorney. Brown says the woman is a stalker who has been "excessively" texting him, and he went to her apartment to explain to her boyfriend nothing was going on between them. Brown has had his share of legal troubles. He served jail time for failing to complete his alcohol ed class in connection with a DUI. via  TMZ.com.

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