NFL Star Ray Rice Suspended 2 Games Over Elevator Attack Arrest

1398968954000-Rice-and-wife The NFL has suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for TWO GAMES stemming from his arrest at a NJ casino where he allegedly KO'd his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. TMZ Sports broke the story.  Ray was seen dragging Palmer's unconscious body out of an elevator in the Revel Casino in Atlantic City back in February. Both Rice and Palmer were arrested for assault. Eventually, Rice struck a deal with prosecutors in which he will avoid jail if he completes a domestic violence program. So far, things seem to be going smoothly. But the NFL has decided to take action of it's own  concluding that Rice violated the league's personal conduct policy. He'll miss two games  and two game checks -- totaling $470,588. Plus, the league fined Rice $58k. As for his relationship with Palmer, Ray and Janay eventually got married and claim to be living happily ever after. via  |

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