New Years Eve 2016 – Richmond, Virginia

NY4 It's time to bring in the New Year, 2016! There are many things to do this New Years Eve in Richmond, VA. Some people plan to attend church; some plan to hit the town; others will stay home and enjoy family and friends; unfortunately some will be alone. If you plan to go out on the town there are many places to go and many things to do locally. Whatever you decide, please be careful.  If you are in the metro Richmond area and feel unsafe driving on New Year’s Eve, simply call Napoleon Taxi at 804-354-8294 or 354-TAXI.  You must ask for the Sober Ride Home to be eligible for the free fare. Allen & Allen will pick up the tab for the free cab rides between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The Sober Rides only apply to those going home. They will not apply to patrons going to another drinking establishment. NY2 Many Christian churches hold Watch Night services on New Year's Eve. Watch Night took on special meaning for African-Americans on New Years Eve in 1862. At midnight -- Jan. 1, 1863 -- the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves became law. So the Watch Night vigil took on special meaning as the slaves awaited the new year, and Watch Night retains special spiritual and historic importance for many African-Americans today. NY6 With this new year let's all work on new stuff in 2016.  New ways to improve ourselves, our environment, our everything.  Let's all strive to bring something NEW and GREAT into our lives this new year.  Happy New Year to you All!  

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