New Video/Mixtape: Young Dolph “Attic”

A Rolls Royce. Women. Money. Yup, it’s just another Young Dolph video. Coming off the success of his debut album King Of Memphis, Young Dolph drops a new mixtape with fellow Paper Route Empire cohorts Jay Fizzle and Bino Brown called Bosses & Shooters. But before the arrival of the mixtape, the Memphis rapper decided to drop off a new song & accompanying video in its support called “Attic.”

Sitting in his blue Rolls Royce, Dolph smokes his blunt and raps about getting money, while some sexy eye candy appear throughout this lavish video. It follows up his latest video for “How Could.” Check it out.

Young Dolph shares his new mixtape, assisted by Jay Fizzle and Bino Brown.

Right after the release of "Attic"  he dropped new mix tape which features 16 tracks that should satisfy fans of his brand catchy straightforward street rap. 

bosses and shooters

If you somehow missed his LP, you can still stream the full project on SoundCloud here. Let us know what you think of Dolph's latest in the comments below.
01. All About
02. Bosses
03. Bosses Shooters (Feat. Jay Fizzle Bino Brown)
04. Bino Brown- Tony
05. Snakes (Feat. Jay Fizzle)
06. Attic
07. Jay Fizzle- Fuck A Nigga
08. Wanted (Feat. Jay Fizzle Bino Brown)
09. Bino Brown- Work On My Wrist
10. Ball (Feat. Waka Flocka & Jay Fizzle)
11. Young Dolph 12 (Feat. Bino Brown)
12. Taking Care Of Business
13. Jay Fizzle- Now They Mad
14. Da Shooters
15. Where The Money (Feat. Jay Fizzle, J Money, Bino Brown & Yo Millionaire)
16. Bino Brown- Maintain

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