New App That Will Help You Preserve Your Camera Phone Pictures

We are living in a world where everybody has a cell phone.  If your anything like I am you have a ton of images of family, friends or just places that you party at or visited.  Some of the hottest pictures out there is pictures from camera phones because you can pull it out and snap at any given second. When I came across this app called FreePrints , which allows you to print them and keep or send to family.  It has an 4.6 star rating. To capture moments like this: Moment #1:OBAMAThis is an once in a life time moment. This young lady got to pose with Michelle Obama. Moment #2:The moment when you and the boo are out having some together time and you capture the moment with your phone. Moment #3:best-camera-phoneThe moment when you and your girls get together to do a little catching up and shopping. Group pic! Moment #4:Or the moment when you just felt like you was camera ready. Selfie!! FreePrints allows you to be able to look at your images without using your phone. Yay!!   Here are some cool facts about this app:
  • Print 1,000 4x6 Photos a Year for FREE!
  •  FREE premium-quality photo prints when you have FreePrints for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 8!
  •  FREE 4x6 prints from the photos on your phone or from your Facebook™, Instagram™, Flickr™, or Picasa™ account.
  • All you pay is shipping & handling – starting at $1.99 and never going above $9.99, no matter how many photos you order!
  • FreePrints makes it easy with no subscription fees and no commitments.
  • Plus, with FreePrints, you can buy additional sizes at extremely competitive prices, including 5x5 prints that are perfect for Instagram photos, or 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30 prints – from right within the app.
  • Print your photos quickly, easily and for free with the FreePrints app for your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows 8 device!

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  1. Shantelle walker

    Now is this another 1 of those ways. 4 everyone 2 be able to look at ur pics. LIKE TOSH.O. and letme get this straight when i do download it. Do i have 2 sign in 2 my Facebook account in order 2 use yhis. Cause if I do. THEN ITS NOT WORTH my time

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