NBA takeaways: Clips steal back homecourt on backs of bigs

There should have been no doubt this postseason would be a good one. The traffic jam of talent out West coupled with the parity that is the East has left us with some remarkable games in this first round. There have been four overtime games and only six double-digit wins to this point.
Thursday night’s action was no different. Golden State pushed back on Los Angeles, only to fall short because of a controversial non-call when Chris Paul made contact with Stephen Curry. Oklahoma City found it way too easy to miss three-pointers and now its back is against the wall. Out East, the not-so-loveable Pacers are falling even further into trouble.nba_u_paul-curry01jr_576x324 CLIPPERS 98, WARRIORS 96 Clippers lead series 2-1 Takeaway: When Chris Paul went down early in the regular season, it became the soil for the growth of Blake Griffin. It’s when Griffin learned to take over, to be a complete superstar on his own. That’s all paying off this postseason. The Warriors simply don’t have an answer for Griffin, who had 32 points and eight rebounds. Without Andrew Bogut, the lane is a playground for the Clippers’ bigs. DeAndre Jordan had 18 points, 22 rebounds, 5 blocks and plenty of scares against Warriors daring to attack the rim.Wizards v/s Clippers 03/12/11 Star review: Paul said after Game 3 that he’s trying to be like Tony Allen and be the defensive stopper. Despite grabbing at the back of his leg multiple times on Thursday, he remains a pit bull defensively, barking down the customary three-point runs of Curry. When Curry lifted for a last-second three-pointer that would have won the game for Golden State, Paul moved his forearm into Curry’s body. It was probably a foul, but it was also a veteran move and a quite good one. via NBA takeaways: Clips steal back homecourt on backs of bigs | FOX Sports on MSN.

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