Natalie Cole’s “Unforgetable” Backstage Dis At Patti Labelle, “You’re Too Old And Too Tired!”

Nataliecole710 Pattie Labelle is one of my favorite singers, so when I came across this story I was shocked.  Pattie has been making music for years.  She has put in the work and she can still hit those notes.  Anybody that has a problem with her, you should be ashamed. Point blank period. Including Natalie Cole!! As the story goes, Natalie Cole went backstage to congratulate Patti LaBelle on her performance in the Broadway musical “After Midnight,” but behind her back she reportedly dissed the legendary R&B diva as “too old and too tired,” according to Dish Nation insiders who were there. The 70-year-old legend is performing a limited engagement in the Tony nominated musical that opened last year with former “American Idol” star Fantasia Barrino. “Natalie was overheard telling friends that Fantasia really made the show work, but Patti was just not up to par,” the source told Dish Nation. “People were saying that Patti would get tired in middle of her set and would just mouth the words instead of singing them. Natalie didn’t hold back — she went on to say that Patti had lost her touch — saying she was too old and too tired to make the performance work.” Cole, a 9-time Grammy winner, reportedly saw and loved the show when Barrino starred in it. The “Unforgettable” singer was actually scheduled to take over the role in August before it was announced that the musical would close on June 29 due to poor ticket sales. According to the source, other celebrities in attendance backstage were all in agreement that LaBelle didn’t give it her all, but none as vocal at Natalie. The outspoken Cole, who battled a drug problem of her own, famously slammed the late British singer Amy Winehouse saying the troubled singer wasn’t worthy of her 2008 Grammy wins. Winehouse died of an overdose in 2011. Natalie, who along with Gladys Knight were both scheduled to perform in the show this summer, are heartbroken about the cancellation. According to the source, Natalie’s a tough critic who speaks her mind. “Natalie loves Patti’s voice, but she didn’t think she was right for this,” adds the source.  

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