Missing Boy Found in Claw Machine at Bowling Alley

Missing Boy Found in Claw Machine at  A child reported missing by his mother was found safe inside a claw crane machine at a nearby bowling alley in Nebraska on Monday. According to KETV, the child’s mother called police around 5:30 p.m. after she discovered her 3-year-old boy was not inside her apartment. At the bowling alley across the street, a little boy was found sitting with stuffed animals inside a claw crane machine. Employees called the vendor who quickly arrived and let the boy out. While police were investigating the mother’s missing child report, they were told about a boy found inside the claw crane machine at the nearby bowling alley. The mother was reunited with the child who is reportedly doing fine. Stories like this always puzzles me because how long was this little boy gone before this mother noticed.  He had enough time to make it out the house and go up the street and get himself stuck in a machine. According to police, the mother was not cited because she contacted police as soon as she noticed the boy was missing. Do you think the mother should have been arrested or at least charged?

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  1. Shantelle walker

    Yeah she should not have the kid. An she should be locked away. But when exactly did she know he was missing. After she looked out the door an noticed the traffic across the street. Oh please. SMACK MY AZZ AN CALL ME SUZY.

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