Mike Epps — Accused of Assaulting Woman at ‘Haunted House 2’ Premiere After-Party

Mike Epps has been accused of punching a woman in the face

MikeEpps It looks like Mike Epps is in the news again and not for being a comedian or for a role he is playing in a movie.  Epps has been accused of punching a woman in the face Wednesday night after the premiere of "Haunted House 2". Sources close to Epps tell TMZ, the actor didn't lay a finger on her. The incident occurred at the after-party at Lucky Strike in Downtown L.A.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the woman claimed she had a prior romantic relationship with Epps and wanted to confront him about something. According to law enforcement sources, the woman told police Epps then punched her in the face. She called cops and filed a report, but cops say there was zero sign of injury on the woman. Epps also told police he never touched her. Sources close to Epps insist the woman was nothing more than a fan -- we're told the actor had asked for privacy because he was with his wife and the woman allegedly grew belligerent, throwing a drink at both of them.  We're told Epps then asked security to escort her out of the party.  According to law enforcement sources, the case has been referred to the domestic violence division because the alleged victim claims she had a prior relationship with Epps. The investigation is ongoing. 0418-simone-sheperd-jaw-3 According to the woman Mike Epps allegedly punched at a movie premiere, she isn't an annoying fan. She's a comedic actress who says she has history with Epps and claims this photo proves he smashed her face up pretty badly. 0417-a-haunted-house-red-carpet-simone-shepherd-instagram-4 TMZ has learned the alleged victim is Simone Shepherd, and according to her rep she's worked as Mike's ghost writer in the past. We're told she was at the "Haunted House 2" premiere because she was invited by the Wayans. The rep says Simone did get into a heated conversation with Mike's wife at the premiere -- but claims when Mike separated them ... he punched her in the face. Although cops say Simone showed no signs of injury at the party -- she says her jaw swelled like a melon later that night ... which is when she took the selfie. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/18/mike-epps-assault-accuser-simone-shepherd-injury-photo/#ixzz2zFcftnNN

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