Meet The Teen Who Has A 2100 SAT Score & Was Accepted To 3 Ivy League Schools

Remember the Long Island teen who got accepted to all eight Ivy League schools? Well, he’s got some friendly competition.Akintunde Ahmad Oakland, California student Akintunde Ahmad is right on his heels, nabbing three coveted spots in Ivy League schools, scoring a 5.0 GPA and boasting a 2100 SAT score. Did we mention he also plays three instruments? Thing is, many don’t believe that the dreadlock rocking 17-year-old has his choice of attending Yale, Brown, Columbia or a slew of other prestigious universities because of his hairstyle. “People looking at me funny is so common that it doesn’t stick out for me anymore,” says Akintunde. “It’s something that I’ve gotten used to.” Welcome to America. The stellar student hasn’t made a definite decision, but says he will might attend Brown or Yale and plans to study pre-law or pre-med. We applaud this student for his major accomplishments and wish him the best of luck.

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  1. Shantelle walker

    Oh my god. Really. I’m so proud of this young man. Neva heard of the other guy excepted n 8 ivy schools. (Ie. Any & everything won’t it won’t worth my time) an long an behold. The dreads. WHO THE HELL CARES. dont matter how many schools couldl except him. He can only attend 1. So who cares if his dreads are
    An issue. Look at it this way. In a few yrs. He will either be.ur dread head dr. Fixing the hole in ur azz.
    or the dread head lawyer. Getting u off cause you had 2 put that hole in SOME1 azz.

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