13-Year-Old Girl Burned to Death for Walking Home with Boy

little girl burned to death

13-Year-Old Girl Burned to Death for Walking Home with Boy...

A Tunisian man is accused of burning his 13-year-old daughter to death for walking home from school with a male classmate May 28 in IBN Khaldoun, a suburb of Tunis. Aya, a middle school student, died on June 7 from fourth-degree burns, Kapitalis and other local news sources reported. “The father has been arrested since the incident occurred,” Allala Rouhma, a spokesperson for the Tunis Court of First Instance, told Tunisia Live. The father’s name has not been released. Aya spent nine days in the Ben Arous Hospital for Burns and Injuries before succumbing to her injuries. Aya’s death has been seen as resulting from an ‘honor crime,’ a killing committed in response to perceived shaming of the family. Such practices are almost unheard of in modern Tunisia. These crimes target mostly women.  Extramarital sex, or even suspicion of it, is a major cause. Aya’s death shocked the country and sparked an indignant response from many Tunisians. Stories like this really make you wonder how a father could do such a thing to his very own daughter.  Just imagine the amount of pain this little girl had to go through.  Her last memories was of her father setting her on fire and allowing it to continue to burn.

There is a special place waiting for him in hell.


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  1. Yeah you are rite. There is a special place in HELL 4 HIM. But not until they finish butt fucking his guts out in jail 1st.

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