Marsha Marsha Marsha!!! Marsha Ambrosius Release New Video for “RUN”

artworks-000075362212-pjendv-original If you are a Marsha Ambrosius fan then you already know what to expect from this songstress.  Marsha is known for her powerful voice and music videos. Her voice is so beautiful.  She has the ability to put you in whatever mood she brings to her songs. Marsha-Ambrosius-Sky After tackling heavy topics including child molestation (“Without You”), AIDS (“Late Nights & Early Mornings”), and homophobia (“Far Away”), the British songbird takes on life’s everyday struggles in the video for her heartfelt ballad “Run.” marsha-ambrosius-run-video-1 Whether it’s a man trying to provide a better life for his family or a boy trying to battle addiction, Marsha provides a voice for them to overcome obstacles and move on with their lives. marsha-run Her sophomore album Friends & Lovers is due later this year featuring production from Da Internz, Pop & Oak, and Diplo. Watch Marsha send a hopeful message in the stirring visuals.

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