Man Allegedly Murdered His Own Step-Daughter Over His DELAYED Tax Refund Check

stepfather accused of murder in court When I came across  this story, my mind was blown. You will not believe the greed of Bryon Winborne, 42.

He murdered his own stepdaughter because he blamed her for a delayed tax refund, allegedly. That’s right: Delayed! It’s not like he wasn’t going to get the money eventually.  

Homicide detective Shannon Kulnis testified last week that Bryon shot and killed Kysha Johnson, 26, during a fight about a delayed tax return. Kysha’s mother, two teenage boys and two young children were inside the home when the cold-blooded murder occurred. Thankfully, they were not harmed. “Kysha’s mom Loretta said that Bryon had blamed Kysha for a delay in their tax return refund, which Loretta claimed not to be true,” Detective Kulnis said. Bryon fled the scene, but was quickly apprehended. Bryon is now booked into the Gwinnett County Detention Center, where he remains in custody.
Really nigga! Is it really that serious! (Rolling my damn eyes)

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