Lingerie Football League/BENCH CLEARING BRAWL/Linebacker Punches Coach!

WARNING -- THERE IS A LOT OF CUSSING IN THIS VIDEO If you know anything about the LFL league, you now that these women are beautiful, fit and they don't take no prisoners. Just so happens that if you love football and hot half naked women, then your getting the best of both worlds. It's the breast fight you're gonna see all week, a bench-clearing RUMBLE at a Legends Football League game. It culminated in a linebacker SOCKING an opposing coach!!! It all went down in Vegas where the Atlanta Steam defeated the Jacksonville Breeze 20 to 12 in an overtime thriller. Things hit a boiling point went when one of the Jacksonville players got into it with a member of the Steam and called her a "p*y a b**ch." That's when the benches cleared and fists began to fly. Jacksonville's Adrian Purnell punched Atlanta Steam head coach Dane Robinson right in the face. Security jumped in an tried to break it up  but the women were out for blood. It appears one of the women even swings her helmet at an opposing player  which would almost certainly warrant an automatic suspension if it happened in the NFL. Check out the clip above. Just in case your new to LFL, below is a little bit of what you can expect!! 2834630 Lingerie-Football-League San_Diego_Seduction_huddle

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