Lil Kim Is Right Back At It!!! Identity Theft & Flawless Remix!!


I'm so Awesome!! I'm so fucking awesome!!  These hoes want to be me cause I'm so fucking awesome!!!

Lil Kim just offered a BIG present to everyone's ears! She proved that just because Beyoncé released a remix of Flawless with Nicki Minaj doesn't mean that Lil' Kim couldn't do just the same! Well, she just did, and her verse in this remix is straight fire. Lil' Kim's remix of Flawless is a must listen to! So, what are you doing? Push that play button NOW! Ch-ch-check out her own remix (above)!!! lilkim1

Then she followed with "Identity  Theft"

Lil Kim's verses was definitely hot but come on, Lil Kim, Flawless remix was enough. The new momma just released another diss track against Nicki Minaj and by now it's just  getting old. I'm all for a Lil Kim comeback but at the same time, this is a time to focus on you and your music and recreating yourself and if that doesn't work just do it better than Nicki without all the dissing. It's pretty sad that this beef is still going on because after listening to Identity Theft, you can tell that Kim hasn't lost her talent, she's definitely still got it. But it's the fact that she STILL feels the need to diss Nicki every chance she can that's a bit unnecessary. Come on, Lil Kim! LilKimBlue2 lilkim

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