LeSean McCoy Rips Tim Tebow, Defends DeSean Jackson

LeSean McCoy isn’t one of those NFL players who is known for keeping his opinion to himself. McCoy is actually known to shoot his mouth, or his Twitter off more than once so it really shouldn’t come as a bit of a shock that he’s making headlines yet again. During a walk through the airport, star stalker website TMZ managed to corner the Philadelphia Eagles star running back and asked him a series of questions. Some of the queries directed at McCoy were tame and tossaway such as who was a bigger star in Philly “Will Smith or Rockie?” There was one question that will likely get a few fans angry at LeSean McCoy. The question that got a rather distinct answer was when he was asked who the best NFL player who currently doesn’t have a job might be. McCoy was asked to choose between Vince Young and Tim Tebow. McCoy stopped walking for a moment and fired back a rather incredulous “Tim Tebow?” When it was explained the interviewer was just trying to come up with some examples, LeSean McCoy answered that his son is two and he’d take him over Tim Tebow. via LeSean McCoy Rips Tim Tebow, Defends DeSean Jackson.

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