Kit Kat Cake Fun!!

kitkatcake Omg! I was surfing online and came across the most wonderful image ever. It had sum of my favorite things all together. My mouth instantly started watering from the thoughts of devouring it. So let me give you what you need to know. Every one loves a good homemade cake and chocolate candy, so today we putting them together! You will wind up with a helluva sugar rush but it's so worth it and  it's also a great family fun project.

You Need:

two round cakes (already made ahead of time and cooled) icing of your choice kit kat bars (enough to go all the way around the cake) favorite candy to go on top of cake ( m&m, sixlets, etc) ribbon to wrap your final product  

Lets get started:

First you want to make sure your cake layers are the same height as the kit kat bars. Then you want to frost each layer and stack on top of each other. Then you want to break your kit kat's in 2's and start placing around the cake, keeping each bar straight and placing as close as you can next to each other. Once you have completed placing the kit kat bars around the cake, tie the ribbon around the kit kit bars as if it is a gift. Then start placing your favorite candies on the top of the cake, in my case I used blue sixlets because that's my daughters favorite color.  

Problems you may run into:

Make sure you use enough frosting to ensure that the kit kat bars will stick to the cake properly.

Make sure the cake is completely cooled or the icing will not hold the candy bars properly.

When you break the kit kat bars sum of the edges may break unevenly which will leave spaces between the bars.


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