Kenneth J. Stokes Beats Odds, Wins Twice in Same Lottery Drawing

lotto_winner_png_CROP_rtstoryvar-large There aren't to many stories like this. Some may call it an accident, but by most accounts, Kenneth J. Stokes of Norwood, Mass., is a lucky man. He won $546,000 in the Massachusetts State Lottery this week after his number came up twice, according to ABC’s Good Morning America. This is what happened: He is a lottery season ticket holder in the Massachusetts State Lottery Lucky for Life, which automatically enters him into every drawing of a certain lottery with specific, preset numbers of his choosing, the report says. But Monday, Stokes apparently forgot about the season pass and purchased a second ticket with the same sequence of numbers, the morning show reports. He received a call from lotto officials on Tuesday morning about his newfound fortune.
What are the odds of that? About 1 in 9.7 trillion. He plans to use the winnings to pay his son’s college tuition and his daughter’s remaining car payments, as well as to take his family on a vacation, according to ABC.

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